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Home of Marialva DC 2016 Lusitano Stallion


2020 Breeding Fees Marialva DC

Fresh Cooled or Frozen available

No live cover will be offered for 2020 breeding season

Approved Mares Only

$1500 Purebred Lusitano Mares

$1250 Crosses

$300 Collection Fee

$25 Container fee + shipping

Multiple mare discounts available


Marialva DC

Marialva DC was bred by Haras Dos Cavalerios and imported into Texas from Portugal as a weanling.  We were lucky enough to purchase him in December of 2018.  

Colour tested through UC Davis:

EE Aa CRcr Nd1/Nd1

Marialva DC will always produce black based foals, no reds.

May 10, 2019 we were so lucky to have Diane Williams visit the ranch and spend some time photographing Marialva DC and truly getting a feel for his spirit.

We are beyond amazed at the paintings of Marialva DC!

Cavalo Lusitano Classico 48x60

Lusitano Dreams Marialva 40x60

Contemporary Lusitano 48x72

Marialva, Cavalo Lusitano 36x36



We reside and ranch in Gods Country in southeastern Alberta.

We raise black angus cattle and do the majority of our work horseback.  


For me the Fascination and respect for the Lusitano started brewing years ago.  The bullfighting horse, the original cow horse....I mean what is not to love.  We truly believe the Lusitano is different from most other horses.  These horses are bondable, sensitive, as as trainable as it gets.  Lets face it, their smooth way of moving gets more and more appealing the more miles you ride.  

In 2017 we purchased our first Azteca mare Catalina and that following year purchased her full sister Kali.

In December 2018 we flew down to renowned breeders Haras Dos Cavaleiros in Magnolia, TX.  The quality of horses and the love for the Lusitano was evident.  After looking at several prospects we undoubtably settled on 2 yr old stallion Marialva DC.

In September of 2019 we yet again made the journey back to Haras Dos Cavaleiros, this time to look at purebred Lusitano fillies.

We do not just view our horses as a hobby.  Of course they are the most enjoyable part of our ranch and our company but without them we could not get the work done.  Long and short of it is we need horses and riding a horse that is a pleasure sure changes things.  I do not think one will know the value of a Lusitano till they get to ride one, and chances are they won't have that opportunity.  The breed is nothing short of incredible and our passion to promote the breed is only just starting. 

Contact us

TNT Cattle Co Ltd

2213 TWP RD 54A

Cypress County, Alberta 

T0J 1V0

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2213 TWP RD 54A

Cypress County, Alberta



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